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Brick Matching – Before

Matching discontinued house bricks.

An out of control driver late at night missed the corner, lost control and launched the vehicle through the front fence and into the front of the house on Sydney’s North Shore. Luckily no one was injured however, the owners were still upset that their house had been damaged through no fault of their own.

In many cases the bricks used on houses can be discontinued depending on the age of the building and brick type.  Luckily on this occasion, we were able to find a brick called “Urban One Silver” from Austral Bricks that successfully made a good match.

The work doesn’t stop with just the brick.  If the mortar isn’t closely matched, then the repair will stand out.  Once the brickwork had been completed and washed down, the new brickwork blended in well.

Brick Matching Services North Shore Sydney

With over 2,000 insurance claim related jobs completed in recent years matching bricks and mortar colours plays a very important role in completing a successful job.

Many insurance claims can involve anything from front brick fences to cars driving into houses and garages.  For most people their house is their biggest financial asset, so it is important they receive the best result possible.

There are more than just bricks to consider when repairing damaged brickwork.  Matching mortar colour also plays a large part in restoring the brickwork.

sydney brick matching north shore

Brick Matching – After


A Sydney bricklayer with over 30 years experience, Alan Brookes offers his clients expert advice straight from the brickie who knows what he’s talking about.

Alan has worked with insurance companies for the past 15 years where he rebuilds front fences, garages and house wall repairs so it is essential that the clients receive the best outcome possible with the closest possible mortar and brick matching.

Alan works with home owners and trade clients including builders, architects, landscapers, etc to source and deliver new bricks, second hand and recycled bricks throughout the Sydney metropolitan area.

If you need a brick (or thousands of bricks), Alan will find it for you and takes pride in offering a prompt and reliable brick matching service.  He has access to all brick manufacturers including Austral BricksPGHLincolnGeraldton, and many more.

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