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New brick prices

Great priced new bricks delivered direct to you

A wide range of new bricks are produced by large and small companies across Australia.  The colour and pattern on the bricks can vary from batch to batch as the colours of the shale and clay change with every run.

With most new bricks colours and styles change on a regular bases and most types of bricks only have a short time on the market before being discontinued making it increasingly difficult to find an exact match.

With most new bricks colours and styles change on a regular bases and most types of bricks only have a short time on the market before being discontinued making it increasingly difficult to find an exact match.  At Sydney Brick Matching we use our contacts and resources to search beyond what’s available in the brick display centres to find the perfect brick colour and style for your project – whether it’s a new home, renovation, restoration or repair job – and all at a great price!

If you have any questions about out new brick supplies and prices, call or text Alan Brookes on 0414 473 606 or send an email.

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Competitively priced brick supplies

Austral Bricks is one of Australia’s largest and most diverse building material manufacturers.  Their products include bricks, pavers, masonry blocks, retaining wall systems, precast concrete panels, concrete and terracotta roof tiles, timber products and specialised façade systems.

Lincoln Bricks are suppliers of handmade, dry pressed bricks that are handmade in wood fired kilns.  The Lincoln Brickworks custom make their specialty bricks and pavers using clay and shale and can custom make special brick shapes.  Their hand crafted heritage dry pressed bricks and extruded bricks come in a large range of colours, sizes and styles to suit your needs.

PGH Bricks & Pavers is one of Australia’s largest and most innovative clay brick manufacturers, offering an extensive range of bricks in all colours, shapes and textures to choose from.  PGH can help architects, designers, specifiers and homeowners create unique buildings, whether residential, commercial, low-rise or high-rise.

Geraldton Bricks are one of Australia’s oldest manufacturers of quality clay bricks and pavers and has been supplying the Australian and International market since 1929. Their manufacturing facility is located north of Perth, Western Australia, in the picturesque coastal town of Geraldton.  Here the quality of clay they use to produce our products has the reputation of being amongst the finest in the world, giving us a superior finished product both aesthetically and structurally.  They remain as one of the few small boutique brickworks in Australia.  But their size doesn’t reflect the scale of their passion for bricks and pavers and we are proud of the uniqueness they can create by using kiln-fired local clay.  Due to their size they are extremely adaptable. Builders and architects enjoy working with our experienced and knowledgeable team who are always willing to either provide the client with all the technical details associated with an extensive range and/or assist in working together to custom make bricks or pavers for individual projects or match existing bricks.

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Cheap second hand and recycled bricks

Buy used and recycled bricks Sydney.

Recycled bricks are bricks that have been removed and cleaned from old buildings and walls.  With modern cement mortars the mortar is often too hard for the bricks to be cleaned, for that reason most recycled bricks have been previously laid in lime mortar making the cleaning process easier.

Recycled bricks can date back to convict times where original sand stocks were used and often have the makers stamp in the frog of the brick.

Colour and size of recycled bricks

Colours and sizes of these bricks vary greatly depending on the area that the clay and shale was removed from the ground, however with such a variant of colour the bricks can give a great appearance on your project.

Other types of recycled bricks which have been very popular in recent times are the dry pressed common brick which when mixed correctly can give an industrial look often used on feature walls in restaurants and cafes, again colours can vary greatly with many common bricks having been painted on one side.

Common bricks

Common bricks in most cases have rough sides and are not always uniform as they were once used on common walls and not a face brick with true edges.

If you have any questions about out second hand, used and recycled brick supplies and prices, call or text Alan Brookes on 0414 473 606 or send an email.

australian brick sizes

What is the size of a standard brick?

By Australian Standards, the standard brick size is 76mm high x 230mm long x 110mm wide.

Tolerances of standard brick sizes

  • Length = + or – 90mm over 20 bricks (ie 20 x 230mm = 4600mm therefore tolerance allowed is between 4510mm to 4690mm)
  • Height = + or – 50mm over 20 bricks (ie 20 x 76mm = 1520mm therefore tolerance allowed is between 1470mm to 1570mm)
  • Modular bricks used in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s measure 290mm long, 90mm high and 90mm wide

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A Sydney bricklayer with over 30 years experience, Alan Brookes offers his clients expert advice straight from the brickie who knows what he’s talking about.

Alan has worked with insurance companies for the past 15 years where he rebuilds front fences, garages and house wall repairs so it is essential that the clients receive the best outcome possible with the closest possible mortar and brick matching.

Alan works with home owners and trade clients including builders, architects, landscapers, etc to source and deliver new bricks, second hand and recycled bricks throughout the Sydney metropolitan area.

If you need a brick (or thousands of bricks), Alan will find it for you and takes pride in offering a prompt and reliable brick matching service.  He has access to all brick manufacturers including Austral BricksPGHLincolnGeraldton, and many more.

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