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Brick Mortar Matching

A good mortar must be durable, remain capable of bonding the bricks together and help resist moisture penetration.  Prior to the introduction of modern cement mortars, lime based mortar was used, which is a little softer.  Using the wrong type of mortar can be detrimental to the masonry units and to your home in general.

While there are some home owners who have been successful in matching mortar it is not typically a job that you should approach unless you understand the types of mortars and how they interact with sands.  For mortar, there are many varying shades of colours which can be used individually or mixed together to create a mortar that will match your existing colour.  We can give advice or provide mortar samples to find a close colour match.

Brick mortar joint types

Below are the more common types of brick joints

example flush brick mortar joints

Flush Mortar Joints

The mortar is generously applied and levelled to a smooth surface, flush with the face of the brickwork.

example raked brick mortar joints

Raked Mortar Joint

The joints are raked out with a raking tool. Raking is also done when flush pointing is to be done with coloured mortar.

example round ironed brick mortar joints

Round Ironed Mortar Joint

This is the preferred finish for face brickwork as the ironing tool compresses the mortar at the face of the masonry and pushes against the top and bottom faces of the bricks, improving the bond.

example struck brick mortar joints

Struck Mortar Joint

A struck joint is achieved by cutting the joint with the trowel.

example weather struck brick mortar joints

Weather Struck Mortar Joint

The mortar is applied partially recessed at an angle of 45 degrees and also helps keep moisture out of the brickwork.


A Sydney bricklayer with over 30 years experience, Alan Brookes offers his clients expert advice straight from the brickie who knows what he’s talking about.

Alan has worked with insurance companies for the past 15 years where he rebuilds front fences, garages and house wall repairs so it is essential that the clients receive the best outcome possible with the closest possible mortar and brick matching.

Alan works with home owners and trade clients including builders, architects, landscapers, etc to source and deliver new bricks, second hand and recycled bricks throughout the Sydney metropolitan area.

If you need a brick (or thousands of bricks), Alan will find it for you and takes pride in offering a prompt and reliable brick matching service.  He has access to all brick manufacturers including Austral BricksPGHLincolnGeraldton, and many more.

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