Important Sydney brick delivery information

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Fast Brick Deliveries Sydney.

Our aim is to provide our customers with an efficient and reliable brick delivery service.  When placing an order with us, we can assess and discuss the best options to have the bricks delivered safely to your job.  With large brick orders, we will liaise with our suppliers to keep you informed as to the day and delivery time of your order.

Our brick delivery vehicles

Trucks used for brick deliveries.

  • Standard ute: Carrying up to 200 bricks or 0.8 tonnes. Hand unloaded by our driver.
  • 8 wheeler truck: Width 3m, Length 10m.  Unloaded by Hiab or forklift
  • Truck and trailer: Width 3m,Length 20m.  Unloaded by Hiab or forklift

We have access to smaller delivery trucks where parking is limited, which can be arranged at time of ordering.

Unloading bricks onsite

Methods used to unload bricks onsite.

Hiab crane : unloaded direct from the truck.

Forklift : This is a mobile forklift that unloads packs of bricks from the truck, which can be parked up the street, providing it’s in close proximity, and driven onto the site.  This method is ideal as the bricks can be placed in the right area up the driveway or on the nature strip. Forklift dimensions are 2.8m wide x 2.8m high

Important things to consider 

  • It is the owner or builder’s responsibility to ensure the trucks have access to be able to unload and deliver the bricks in a safe way.
  • It is the owner or builder’s responsibility if traffic control is required. We can assess this when ordering and advise at the time.
  • Is the site muddy?  Mud can stick to the tyres of the truck or forklift and be carried onto the street.  It is the responsibility of the owners or builders to ensure the path and street is cleaned after delivery.

Weight of bricks : One pallet of dry pressed bricks can weigh up to 2 tonnes, though most pack sizes are a lot lighter.  It is the owner’s responsibility, if you want the bricks to be delivered up or on the driveway, to ensure the driveway is able to take the weight of the forklift and bricks.   Suitable protection against any marks caused by the forklift and placement of the bricks must be in place prior to delivery.

Overheadpowerlines : It is important to note the safe working distance for our forklifts and Hiab to unload safely is 3 metres.  If the bricks cannot be delivered safely, the driver may refuse to unload the bricks.

Council guidelines : Restrictions may apply from Councils if unloading across footpaths.  Traffic control and/or signage may be required.  It is your responsibility to ensure everything is in place prior to delivery.

Street Access and Parking Guidelines : RMS road rules and regulations state that certain conditions apply for the safe unloading of vehicles.  Trucks vary in length and some require up to 6 car lengths to be able to unload.

Are there any parking restriction signs posted near the site?

  • School zones and clearways
  • No Stopping and Parking zones
  • Pedestrian and School Crossings

Intersections with and without traffic lights

  • Trucks are unable to stop on a crest of a hill if the truck cannot be viewed within 100 metres.
  • In any situation where the normal flow of traffic is interrupted or blocked by the delivery trucks, traffic control will be required.  It is the owner/builder’s responsibility to ensure all traffic control is in place when the delivery truck arrives.

Owners, purchasers or builders responsibility :  You must ensure the driver is able to deliver and unload the bricks safely and without damage to the street kerb, driveway or vegetation.  If the driver feels it is unsafe to drop off the bricks, he can refuse to make the delivery, which will incur a return cost of the bricks to the yard, which the purchaser will have to pay.

Cancelling or changing a brick order

Bricks are often loaded the previous day, so if you want to cancel the bricks or change the delivery day, it will have to be notified by 1pm the previous day or charges will apply.

Acceptable breakage allowance : When ordering your bricks, we recommend you allow an additional 5% to allow for breakages.  This is the acceptable breakage allowance on any order and no refunds will apply.

It is our job to assist you in every way, to give you advice and to ensure the bricks you have chosen are delivered safely to your job.  If you have any concerns,  we are here to help and discuss any potential issues.

We pride ourselves in giving you a professional and honest service while taking care and delivering a great brick match for your project.

Want more information? If you have any further questions please contact Alan Brookes direct on 0414 473 606 or via email.